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If you arrived at this page via a link from another website then you might be wondering what Findon is, or why this website includes a photography section. Findon is a village in England, where I lived between 1980 and 2005. This website contains some of my photos of the locality and this page reflects my general interest in photography.

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Website Description
ASA Photography An excellent resource for photography!
Bellwood Photography Ltd Specialist products for photographers and hot foil printers
Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Bellwood Photography is a long established family business based in Stannington Sheffield. Browse through their galleries and you are sure to find something to suit your tastes whether you are looking for a photographer to cover a small intimate wedding, a large formal function, capture a special family event or a school prom.
Cambridge in Colour Photography Night and low-light photography of Cambridge University, in England. Digital photography tutorials, techniques, and example images also available. Advice, reviews, specifications and price comparison for digital cameras.
Can Stock Photography Can Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 7 million images starting at just US$2. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, stock video clips, and more.
Chris Brown's Digiscoped Birds An extraordinary collection of stunning bird photographs by Chris Brown.
Corsi fotografia Impara a fotografare. Corso di Creatività e reportage. Vitore Buzzi - photographer in Italy.
DeleteFIX Photo Deleted photos are still in your camera. A camera is in many ways the same as a pen drive, or memory stick. It has an internal file system containing its files and folders. When you delete your photos in your camera, only the names of the files are actually deleted. The photos themselves remain intact until you take new photos which will then gradually replace the old ones. So if you look inside your camera in the right way, early enough, you may find photos you thought were gone. This can be achieved by using undelete software specially adapted for cameras. A good choice could be the free version of DeleteFIX Photo. Installing and testing it with your camera should take no more than five minutes.
Erman-Y Photography Erman is a talented amateur photographer and designer who lives in Turkey (Türkiye). He has produced this impressive website to display some of his stunning photography.
Fine Art Photography
Gallery & Forum
Fabulous B&W photography.
Food Photography
Packaging Design
from Shoot the Moon
Food photography and design consultants based in Manchester, UK, specialising in food photography, packaging design, copywriting, and general graphic design.
Foto Search Stock Photography Foto Search is unique from other image sources because the advanced search engine feature will help you find the most relevant pictures or media clip that you are looking for. This is a great resource for students and teachers because they can find a picture for just about any subject and it is a great tool for use on projects, reference or can this can be a great visual for PowerPoint presentations. It is also a great resource for photographers, as it provides inspiration and ideas for photography. Browsing through the library is free, and there are no access charges, registration requirements or usage limits.
Gregory Fox Photography Providing Editorial, Event and Wedding Photography for greater Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Seeing things differently
An online resource celebrating human ingenuity, which contains a vast collection of fascinating photographs from the Science Museum, National Railway Museum, and National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.
KN-Photography Photographing anything Yorkshire and Beyond.
Marrutt Digital Solutions Marrutt are the exclusive distributors of Lyson Archival Professional Inks and Media in the UK, the largest manufacturers of rotary doors and drying cabinets in Europe and UK distributors of VTC Software Training CD-ROMS.

They are one of the oldest names in professional photography and printing in the UK, with over 40 years experience.
Michael Ray
Food Photography
Mouth watering photography by American food photographer Michael Ray.
Michael Lynch's Photographs Brighton, Brittany, Butser Hill, Flowers, London, Monochrome, New Forest, Paris, Passing Storm, People, Piers, Salisbury, Shore, South Downs, Venice, Notes, Log.
Microglobe A wide selection of digital cameras, binoculars, lenses, flashguns, telescopes, SLRs, photographic and bird watching equipment, spotting scopes, camera accessories and much more, at discount prices.
Mike Ashdown
Wedding Photography

Wedding photographer based in Brighton. Professional photography, covering the South East, including Sussex, Surrey and Kent.
My Photo Axis Mike Huang's interesting site.
Norwood Director Acclaimed as the #1 resource by many owners of the NorWood Director, Brockway and Sekonic selenium meters. Here you will find in-depth information on the models and history of these classic meters, including their manuals.
Photo frames Probably the largest selection of quality photo frames, silver photo frames, picture frames online. Visit this site to know more.
Photovision Studios
Wildlife Photography
Wildlife photography and digital photography at Photovision Studios. Including on-line photo gallery, photography articles, digital camera resources and hints and tips on successful wildlife photography.
Pixibit PixiBit Stock Photography: A new picture agency where photographers easily can submit their images for inclusion in a searchable image bank free of charge.
Sergey Panayotov's Photographs Art, nature and stock photography from Bulgaria. This website contains seven galleries: Birds, Landscapes, Macro, Travels, Art, People, Black & White.
Solange Cross Photography B&W and colour photography.
Speller Milner Design Portraits, lifestyle, products/still life, new/installation, computer illustration, old cars, 100 objects, photo archive.
tastephotobook ONLINE Your photoalbum SERVICE, make a real book! Arrange all your images into a professionally bound book. Flexible intuitive software.
Taurus Colour Laboratories Taurus Colour Laboratories are a professional colour lab. They specialise in large format printing, digital hi-res scanning, mounting and laminating, framing, E6 (slide) processing, press release print runs, etc. They work for professional photographers and companies such as Suzuki, Virgin, Audi and The Born Free Foundation, etc.
The Canadian Centre
for Documentary Photography
The Canadian Centre for Documentary Photography seeks to fund and otherwise encourage documentary photography projects of social value.
Weston Master This site covers all you ever wanted to know about the legendary WestonMaster and its descendants up to the Euro-MASTER II. The legend lives on ... was launched in early 2000, and quickly established itself as the UK's largest Internet and Mail Order supplier to the photographic enthusiast market. The large range of photographic products already on offer, have been complimented by the many other new products that have been added since that time. They include computer and digital based products for which there is now a fast growing demand as photography leans towards the fast moving digital era.

Panoramic photography

Website Description
Death Valley National Park Panoramic photography by Bruce Thomas.
3-D stereo Mars panorama Mars surface.
3-D stereo Swiss Alps 180° panorama Jungfraujoch.

Photo editing software

Website Description
Blackmagic Photo Colorizing Put the colour back into your pictures with BlackMagic image colorizing software. Colorize black and white photographs, enhance digital and standard photographs - the easiest image enhancement software available.

Pinhole and zone plate photography

Archives and galleries Description
Bethany de Forest Pinhole photography by Bethany de Forest.
Bob Rigby Photographic Pinhole picture gallery.
Camera Obscura Colour and black & white pinhole photographs, from single and multi-aperture cameras in a variety of formats.
Ingham-Bell & Co Ltd Panoramic pinhole and 360 degree rotational cameras.
Jo Babcock Pinhole photography by Jo Babcock.
Mike Downey A gallery of pinhole photographs taken with a Lubitel medium format camera and Nikon FM.
Philippe Moroux Pinhole photography by Philippe Moroux.
Photomania Ivor's pinhole photography. Pinhole images.
Pinhole Resource Photographic archive of over 3,000 pinhole photographs.
Pinhole Visions

An extensive site founded by Gregg Kemp that lists news, events, sponsors Worldwide Pinhole Day in late April of every year (images can be seen at, runs an online pinhole gallery with changing exhibits, lists resources and a directory.

Sarah Van Keuren Pinhole photography by Sarah Van Keuren.
Steve Irvine The camera that Steve uses for black and white photography has three pinholes that project an overlapping image onto the film (photo paper actually) that is wrapped around a cylindrical film holder.
The Art of the Camera Panoramic camera images. Robert Mann shares with his viewers an experience rich in dreams and induces an exploration of the psyche.
The Pinhole Gallery Huge gallery containing pinhole photographs taken by hundreds of people.
Thomas Kellner Pinhole photography by Thomas Kellner.
Toshi's Gallery Fine art gallery of black & white photos taken with home-made pinhole a camera.
Wanda Scott Wanda Scott's pinhole beautiful photography.
Books Description

Pinhole Photography - Rediscovering a Historic Technique
by Eric Renner
Book cover

Second Edition (October 1999)

Published by: Focal Press
ISBN 0-240-80231-4

Available from:

A must-have item for anyone who is interested in pinhole photography. Both an entertaining history and a practical how-to guide.

Table of Contents

1. Pinhole's History in Science
2. Pinhole's History in Art
3. Pinhole's Revival in Art:
    The 1960s and 1970s
4. Pinhole's Revival in Art:
    The 1980s
5. The How-To of Pinhole
6. Transforming the Pinhole Image:
    Extensions and Alternatives
7. Eye, Image, Camera, Mind:
    Into the 1990s
List of Suppliers

Eric Renner is an authority on pinhole photography. His website, called Pinhole Resource, is in the Pinhole Photography Ring.

Pinhole Resource A range books about pinhole photography.
Camera suppliers Description
Bender Photographic Large format (4x5) pinhole camera kit.
Bob Rigby Photographic Large format (4x5 and 8x10) pinhole cameras.
Casado Pinhole Pinhole camera (4x5), handmade from bubinga wood, anodized aluminium and solid brass, with a mechanical shutter and filter holder.
Holgamods The Pin Holga (120 medium format).
Hue Candela PinPLUS pinhole camera (4x5).
Marcus Schwier Photography Pinhole cameras, basic and shift (4x5 and 8x10). Lensless Camera Manufacturing Company. Hand crafted large format pinhole cameras available in various film sizes (4x5, 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14) and various focal lengths.
Pinhole Resource A wide range of cameras, including: Finney pinhole field camera (4x5), Leonardo pinhole cameras (4x5, 5x7 and 8x10), Mona Lisa folding pinhole and zone plate camera (4x5), Omniscope anamorph pinhole camera, Cardozo slit camera.
Starlight Cameras Merlin pinhole cameras and darkroom kits.
The Art of the Camera Panoramic pinhole camera and Society of Handmade Cameras.
Zero Image A wide range of collectable hand-made wooden pinhole cameras available in various film sizes (135, 120 and 4x5). Makers of the Zero 2000 pinhole camera. Zero Image is run by Zernike Au in Hong Kong.
Chemical processes Description
Unblinking Eye Tri-Colour Gum with Cyanotype, Chrysotype Process, Cyanotype and Other Ferric Processes, Ferric Silver Formulae, Making Kallitype Prints, Modancage, Oil Pigment Process, Salted Paper Formulae, Ultraviolet Light Sources, Uranium, Van Dyke Notes, Azo and Amidol, Divided D-32, Duotone Thiosulphate Solarization, The Effects of Pyro Stain, Intro to Pyro Stain Developers, Lith Printing ... An Introduction, Notes on Rotary Processing, Remembering 777, The Sabatier Effect, Solution Physical Development - An Experimenter's Delight, Testing Pyrocat-HD, Tips and Tricks for Blue Toning, Tips on Printing, Vitamin C Developers.
DIY instructions Description
Bender Photographic The Pinhole Photography Information and Tool Kit. How to make a pinhole camera.
Events Description
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Sunday 25th April 2004.
WPP Day is always the last Sunday in April.
Exposure guides Description Formulas.
Pinhole Resource The Black Cat Pinhole Exposure Guide.
The Pinhole Gallery The Seat-O-the-Pants Guide to Exposures.
History Description A history of pinhole photography.
Unique cameras Description
Paul Debevec 35mm SLR pinhole photography.
Mike Downey Pinhole photography with a Nikon FM.
Robert Kosara The Loch-Lomo camera.
Photographic suppliers Description
Calumet Photographics A variety of pinhole products.
Edmund Scientific Company Tools, optics and general scientific equipment.
Freestyle Sales Co A variety of pinhole products.
Lenox Laser A variety of pinhole products.
Pinhole calculators Description
Pinhole and beyond! Scientific precision pinholes. Sponsors a yearly pinhole competition using their pinholes.
Pinhole and beyond! Pinhole calculator3.
Pinhole and beyond! Pinhole mathematics.
Zero Image Pinhole calculators.
Pinhole publications Description
Pinhole Journal Pinhole Journal is the publication of the Pinhole Resource. Pinhole Journal is published three times a year, in April, August, and December, and is in its twentieth year. Each issue is 32 pages beautifully printed in color and black & white on clay-coated paper with no advertising. Images that are published in Pinhole Journal come from pinhole photographers around the world, whose images are not necessarily in the Pinhole Resource collection.
Pinhole Web rings Description
Pinhole Photography Ring.
Precision pinholes Description
Pinhole Resource Set of 12 micro-drilled pinholes:
0.0059-0.0320" (0.1499-0.818mm)
Zone plates Description
Pinhole and beyond! Zone plate mathematics.
Pinhole Resource Zone plates available in 8 focal lengths:
Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer Design your own!

View (large format) cameras

Website Description
MPP Users' Club Website This club is the world authority on cameras and photographic equipment manufactured by Micro Precision Products Limited of London, England and is the meeting place for all users, owners and collectors.

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